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Unlock Your Power Potential: The Versatility of Universal Speed Reducers

The Universal Speed Reducers, more widely known as a speed gear reducer or gearbox, is an enclosed mechanical transmission device that integrates a drive motor and a piece of equipment or machinery.

As the name implies, this simple gadget reduces the speed of a drive motor while increasing the amount of torque generated using gears. A speed reducer gearbox is commonly applied today in various household devices and industrial equipment.

YD FORCE is a professional manufacturer of worm gear speed reducers with a history dating back to 2010. The company offers various products and services, including the production, earnest research, and development of different types of worm gearboxes. YDFORCE’s extensive network is well-positioned to serve more than 40 countries across Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

For more information about universal speed reducer, its benefits, applications, and how to choose the right one for you, continue reading on.

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Table of Contents

Product Introduction

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A universal-type speed gear reducer is a simple mechanical device engineered using first-class equipment and state-of-the-art technology to change the motor’s speed and torque. It comprises two or more sets of gears, depending on the specified ratio, shafts, and seals, and is put in an enclosed reducer housing.

Generally, this product is a separate piece of equipment in the machine. It is widely used in diverse industries to operate as a transmission device on motion-related systems or machinery. YDFORCE offers a wide variety of solutions featuring a speed reducer. Here is an overview of the product specifications:

●Type: This product is a speed reducer known as a gearbox or worm reducer
●Model: It has a range of available models in the WP series (WPW 40 to 250)
●Ratio: It offers a rated ratio of 10 to 60
●Color: Available colors are blue, yellow, and green, but this can be customized upon the customer’s request
●Housing: The housing form is a basic type, rectangular, with input and output shafts on either the upper or lower part, depending on the chosen model
●Material Housing: Can be aluminum alloy or cast iron

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A universal type gear reducer is a simple piece of equipment used to modernize and modify the drive system to ensure that the machine functions suitably. Aside from that, this product also boasts the following features:

1. This gear reducer can operate at voltages less than 1000V.

2. Various models of speed reducers are introduced in the WP series. This will help you select the appropriate gear reducer for your intended use.

3. It has low vibration that helps increase the durability and dependability of the equipment.


A universal speed reducer is a popular type of gearbox as this product offers the best performance in speed reduction and torque modification. Other benefits are listed below:

1. It has a wide application coverage across various fields and is extremely useful in the industrial sectors.

2. This gadget is designed to have a compact structure making it easy to transport, store, and package.

3. It has a specific and detailed speed reducer gearbox design which makes it easier to apply in various equipment and meet the machine’s requirements.

4. It guarantees smooth speed reduction and acceleration in a compact speed reducer gearbox, offering efficiency and quality performance.

5. Space limitation is not a problem as this product is typically engineered to be a small gear reduction box, but other models are available as well.

6. It has a long service life that can withstand daily use and harsh conditions, extending mechanical equipment’s life.


Thanks to the many benefits of Universal Speed Reducers, their application coverage has widely spread across various industries such as construction, chemical, medical, metallurgy, mining, food, and more. Additionally, this transmission device is commonly used today in mechanical and electromechanical systems as well as in other motion-related mechanisms and machinery.

From automobiles and ships to more common household electronic appliances such as clocks, dryers, and washers, numerous day-to-day products are covered by Universal Speed Reducers.

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Types of Universal Speed Reducers

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Universal gear reducers come in different arrangements, ratios, and designs. Depending on the application or the industry to use it for, the right speed reducer to go for may depend on the equipment’s specific need, space availability, and ratios.

Here are the two of the most common types of universal gear reducers:

6:1 Universal Speed Reducers

A 6 to 1 gear reduction box is achieved when a two-gear setup such as a 78-tooth input gear engages and drives a 13-tooth output gear. Similarly, this gear ratio could indicate reduced motor speed from 3,600rpm to 600rpm. The 6:1 speed reducer can cover heavy-duty applications, such as generators, pumps, and other industrial equipment.

2:1 Universal Speed Reducers

The 2 to 1 gear reduction box is equipped with a two-gear setup which may have a 26-tooth input gear that engages and drives a 13-tooth output gear. This gear ratio also indicates the reduced motor speed from 3,600rpm to 1,800rpm.

The 2:1 Universal Speed Reducers are applicable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, such as welders and other industrial equipment that require high torque at a lower RPM.

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How to Choose a Universal Speed Reducer

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In contrast to the more specific and special gear reducers, a universal speed reducer, as the name implies, is universal in shape, size, and mounting position to fit the requirements of most machinery.

The universality of this speed reducer gearbox design makes it more intricate, as several parts must be included to meet the needs of almost every piece of equipment. Because of this, it’s crucial to consider several factors when choosing the right gear reducer unit.

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Selection of Gear Units

The selection of gear units depends on the application and industry demands. Here are the primary factors to consider to make a proper speed reducer and gearbox reducer for electric motor selection:

1. Availability of space for installation – Space availability is determined by the size and type of gear reducer and the required installation position. A small gear reduction box is recommended if not much space is available.

2. Efficiency needs – Certain gear units operate with much lower efficiency, so it is necessary to define the requirements.

3. Smooth performance – The demand for smooth acceleration, peaceful and quiet performance.

4. Self-locking requirement – Prevents interchangeability of the input and output gears in a setup.

5. Mounting position – This defines the position of holes to apply lubricant and place needed bolts, such as a breather valve.

6. Thermal power capacity – The thermal power capacity should be considered, especially for the gearbox reducer for an electric motor. Selecting gearboxes with increased thermal capacity makes the product less sensitive to high temperatures.

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Geometrical Considerations

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Selecting the right gear reducer requires geometrical considerations. Factors to consider are the housing, geometry of input and output shafts, the rated torque, speed, horsepower, and the resistance to the environment and routine usage required by the application or industry.

Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio, the transmission or gear ratio, indicates the output rotational speed based on the motor’s input rotational speed. There are two types of gear ratios for the universal type speed reducer: 6 to 1 gear reduction box and 2 to 1 gear reduction box. Moreover, the gear ratio shows how much torque is lost or gained.


The torque, expressed in Newton meters (Nm), is generally a measurement of the force that causes an object to rotate. A universal speed reducer’s rated torque is the highest that can be transmitted constantly through the output shaft. Depending on the selected universal gearbox unit, the torque density varies.

Gear Reducer Assembly

Selection of the appropriate gear reducer assembly depends on the application or the device’s intended operation. Because of their universality, the assembly of gear units may be more specific and complex for universal gearboxes. For instance, gear reducers with vertical shaft configuration may require more complicated assembling.

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Service Life

The service life of a universal type gear reducer indicates the lifespan for which the reducer can continuously function in normal conditions without declining its operating characteristics until it eventually wears out. Proper selection of speed reducer is attained with gearbox service life considered.

Our Advantage

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Highest Quality Materials with Competitive Pricing

YDFORCE is committed to delivering exceptional customer service by providing quality materials at lower prices through advanced technology and innovative solutions. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality products and excellent service to ensure they receive a seamless and sincere purchase experience.

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Excellent Production Lines

YDFORCE has invested heavily in first-class equipment and cutting-edge technology to ensure the continuous production and development of solutions for small- to large-scale projects. We have the best gear grinding machines, gear wheels, and automatic production lines, assuring refined operations and products with high precision, smooth performance, long service life, and reliability.


To meet the needs of more customers, we at YDFORCE continue striving to develop, design, and innovate solutions widely applicable in various industry fields. As part of our best solutions, we accept customer customization requests through our ODM and OEM services.

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How can you figure out your gear reducer's dimensions?

Choosing the right shaft is essential to calculate the dimensions of a gear reducer. To start, there are three most common shaft orientations: coaxial, parallel, and orthogonal.

A gear reducer with a coaxial shaft orientation means it has aligned input and output shafts. As the name suggests, parallel shaft orientation has parallel input and output shafts. And lastly, orthogonal shaft orientation has perpendicular input and output shafts.

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Do you package and deliver?

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Yes, we offer packaging and shipping services to ensure every purchase is safely and securely delivered to your doorstep. Rest assured, the products are handled carefully and wrapped appropriately to withstand the environment and conditions during the shipping.

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Does your company have excellent product quality assurance?

As an equipment and machinery manufacturing company, we aim to serve all our customers locally and overseas with top-quality products that meet their needs. We are ISO 9001 certified, and our products are widely demanded in various industries and applications.

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