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WP Series Worm Gearbox


WP series worm gear reducer is the pioneering product of YD Force, which has been sold worldwide since 2010 and has been widely praised by the market and customers.

Depending on your needs, you can choose WP Series Worm Gearbox from WPA, WPO, WPS, WPX and other related products. If you are not sure, you can also contact our engineers for a free consultation.

During more than ten years of production, YD Force has accumulated a wealth of experience and the R&D department has continued to innovate, resulting in a significant improvement in the quality of our products, which can easily meet the needs of our customers.

As a reducer manufacturer, we have independent plants, advanced production facilities, and through digital construction, we have become a modern reducer producer and supplier, able to ensure predictable and consistent delivery for our customers, ensuring that you receive your products from YD Force on schedule.

One of the key features of the YD Force’s worm gear reducer (know more) is its high efficiency, which enables it to deliver maximum power transmission while minimizing energy loss. Additionally, its robust construction and advanced sealing technology ensure that it can withstand even the harshest operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, high humidity, and heavy loads.

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WP Series Worm Gearbox

YD Force’s WP Series Worm Gearbox and RV series worm speed reducer –  Single ,double and universal speed reducer – are well designed and made of excellent materials and have the following significant advantages:

  • Our product features a hard tooth gear with high accuracy, ensuring superior quality.
  • Enjoy large output torque, stable transmission, and lower noise for optimal performance.
  • The gearbox offers high heat-radiating efficiency, elegant shape, and durable service life.
  • Suitable for omni-bearing installation, our gearbox provides versatility in use.
  • Our gearbox is designed for low noise and smooth running, ensuring a comfortable work environment.
  • The worm drive employs a hollow flank worm for enhanced efficiency.
  • With high loading capacity, low temperature rise, and a long useful life, our gearbox is a reliable choice.
  • Our gearbox features a transmission ratio rate with minimal differences, ranging from I = 6 to 13800.
  • Compact in structure and small in size, our gearbox is convenient to maintain.
  • Our unique modulation combination system allows for easy fitting to all types of motors or power input. The same type of reducer can fit motors with different power, making it possible to combine or connect with different types of machines. Our gearbox can be applied to a wide range of industrial areas, including metallurgy, mining, transportation, petrochemical, construction, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental, light electric, plastic machinery, paper, parking equipment, and more.

Packaging & delivery

INNER PACK: Plastic bag and foam box, reduction gearbox. 

OUTER PACK: Carton or wooden case per set or based on your  request.

DELIVERY TIME: 15 days (quantity is 1-1000 sets), quantity over 1000 sets is subject to negotiation.

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YD FORCE is a manufacturer with a professional R&D team. We also have a professional foreign trade team, which can provide high quality service to overseas customers.

Sample Lead-times: generally 10 workdays.
Production Lead-times: 20-40 workdays after getting your deposit.

a) Type of the gearbox, ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, and motor information etc.
b) Housing color.
c) Purchase quantity.
d) Other special requirements.

We offer one year warranty since the vessel departure date left China.

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We have stable motor suppliers who have been cooperating with us for a long-time. They can provide motors with high quality.

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