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Professional Manufacturer & Exporter

Since 2010, YD FORCE has been dedicated to TRANSMISSION & REDUCER, and is a manufacturer with independent R&D capability, exporting high quality products all over the world.

Best-Selling Products

Every year, YD FORCE invests significant resources in R&D to ensure the best products and solutions for our customers.
YD force geared motor

Helical Gearbox

R-series/ F-series/ K-series/ S-series

YD force worm gearbox

Worm Gearbox

YNMRV series/ WP series / Screw Jack

YD force speed reducer

Worm gear Reducer

WPA series / WPO series / WPS series

YD force Planetary Reducer

Planetary Gearbox

Precision Planetary Gearbox

R&D Center Brings Innovation

Our professional R&D team ensures that YD FORCE’s products are highly competitive in terms of quality and appearance, and our partners benefit from this.

YD force R&D center

Why Work With YD FORCE

Innovation Capability

YD FORCE is equipped with an R&D center and a team of professional engineers

OEM and Customization

OEM services or customized solutions, YD FORCE has it all

Reliable quality and delivery

YD FORCE is the guarantee of excellent products and fast delivery

excellent after-sales service

Just contact us and you can be assured of free samples

Certificates & Patents

YD FORCE has an independent R&D department, which has been insisting on innovation for a long time, independently designing, developing and producing various types of worm gear reducers, planetary gear reducers and related products, and has obtained a number of certifications and product patents in related fields.

Have a question? Please consult our staff, they will provide you with professional answers at the first time.

Client Testimonials

"I'm a mechanical engineer, and I've been working with planetary gear reducers for several years. When I came across YD, I decided to give their products a try, and I wasn't disappointed. The planetary gear reducer I purchased was of exceptional quality, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of durability, precision, and performance. I also appreciate the attention to detail and the level of customization YD provided, ensuring the unit would meet my exact specifications. I'm confident in the reliability and longevity of their products, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again."
"I run a small manufacturing business, and I've been using YD's worm gear reducer for the past year. It's been a game-changer for my operations, improving speed and accuracy, and reducing downtime. I appreciate the compact size and the ease of installation, and it's been a reliable workhorse for us. Additionally, YD's customer service has been top-notch, providing me with quick and helpful responses to any questions or concerns I've had. I would recommend YD to anyone in need of high-quality, dependable gear reducers."
business owner
"I recently purchased a worm gear reducer from YD, and I have to say I'm impressed with its performance. The unit is robust, quiet, and it runs smoothly with no vibrations or backlash. It's made a huge difference in my production line, and I've seen a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy. The team at YD was also incredibly helpful throughout the process, and they provided me with excellent customer support. I'm glad I chose YD, and I highly recommend their products."

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They had chosen YD FORCE and gained a lot of success in the local market.

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