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Canton Fair 2023 Exclusive: Explore our Unique Selection of Planetary Gearbox

Discover the Power of Precision and Performance of YDforce!

As the Canton Fair 2023 unfolds, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of Canton Fair planetary gearbox. Each Canton Fair gearbox by Ydforce is meticulously designed and manufactured to cater to diverse industries and applications.

Whether you require high torque capacity, precision motion control, or compact design, YDforce planetary gearboxes are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency.

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Planetary Gearbox of YD Force

Our Unique Selection of Planetary Gearbox

Table of Contents

What is a Planetary Gearbox?

Planetary gearboxes are instruments with aligned input and output shafts. The Canton Fair gearbox transmits the most torque while taking up the least amount of space.


This gearbox is an alternative to typical box gear in Canton Fair 2023 due to the inherent cylindrical assembly and in-line shafting. These sets are top choices where weight and space against torque and reduction are the primary concerns. Plus, planetary gearboxes are compatible with many applications, from bulldozer power trains to electric screwdrivers.

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Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox Specifications and Functions


The name “Planetary Gearbox” refers to how the gear alignment resembles how the planets in our solar system orbit the sun.

A “sun” gear, often called a central gear, is located in the center of a planetary gearbox. Often, this is the input equipment. Two or more outer gears, also known as planet gears, circle the sun gear. A ring gear surrounding the planet gears secures the formation as a whole. A carrier linked to the output shaft connects the planet gears to it.

The simple layout provides a reliable and efficient way to transfer power from the motor to the output. Energy intake is transformed into energy output to the tune of 97 percent.


Principle of Operation

Electric motors, hydraulic motors, or internal combustion engines like gasoline or diesel can all power Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox.

The planetary gears get their power from the sun gear in order to move the spindle, shaft, or outer ring. A YDForce planetary gearbox’s torque is increased because it rotates several external gears simultaneously. But the center sun gear needs an input that is low in torque and high in speed.



YDforce Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox is a great speed reduction or increaser. Planetary gearboxes can be configured to achieve a desired speed reduction or increase, allowing the transmission of torque between the input and output shafts.

Our Canton Fair gearbox is also a torque amplifier, making them suitable for high-voltage applications, such as heavy machinery and industrial processes. Also, the gearboxes can precisely control the rotation and speed of the output shaft. The planetary gearboxes enable accurate motion control in robotics, CNC machines, and other automated systems.

Lastly, unlike typical box gear in Canton Fair 2023, YDforce planetary gearboxes distribute the load across multiple gears, minimizing wear and extending the lifespan of the gearbox.



Backlash, torque, and ratio are among the key characteristics of a Canton Fair planetary gearbox. And Unlike other box gear in Canton Fair 2023, planetary gearboxes are known for their compact size, allowing for efficient use of space in various applications.

These gearboxes offer excellent power transmission efficiency, reducing energy consumption and improving overall performance. Moreover, built with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, these gearboxes are designed to withstand demanding operating conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

Last but not least, depending on where you are, YDforce has top-notch global availability, pricing, delivery time, and service.


Other Notable Features

Every YDforce planetary gearbox has an accompanying lubricant. But grease, oil, and synthetic gel are a few of the alternatives. All of these emphasized enhancing gear performance and preventing gear wear.

Each lubricant reduces noise and vibration while cooling the environment.

Both single-speed and double-speed planetary gearboxes are available at YDforce. But choosing between the two depends on the gear ratio and speed you want to achieve. Aside from the speeds, you can choose between electromagnetic, dynamic, or hydraulic brakes. Every Canton Fair planetary gearbox is fully customized. There is no need to be concerned about picking the appropriate one.

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Types of Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox

1. Wheel Drive

The wheel-drive Canton Fair planetary gearbox operates by utilizing a sun gear that drives a set of planetary components securely attached to a carrier. As the sun gear rotates, the planet gears engage with the outer ring gear, resulting in the rotation of the entire system.

One notable advantage of this design is the ability to incorporate the wheel directly into the gearbox, allowing for optimal sizing and integration. With the wheel and planetary gearbox combination, impressive torque capabilities are achieved. In fact, these gearboxes have the potential to handle torque applications of up to an impressive 332,000 N.m.

This substantial torque capacity suits them well-suited for demanding wheel driving tasks requiring substantial power transmissions, such as heavy-duty industrial machinery, off-road vehicles, or large-scale transportation systems.


2. Shaft Output

In a shaft output Canton Fair planetary gearbox, the sun gear serves as the driving force for the surrounding planetary components housed within a rotating carrier. As the carrier rotates, the drive transfers to the shaft while the ring component remains stationary. This arrangement ensures efficient power transmission within the system.

The housing of the shaft drive planetary gearbox is directly attached to the machinery, providing a stable and secure connection. This integration allows a turning shaft output directly from the gearbox, facilitating a streamlined and compact design. This feature is particularly advantageous when space is limited, or a direct connection between the gearbox and the machine is preferred.


3. Spindle Output

Spindle output planetary gearboxes function similarly to shaft output gearboxes, even though their output is provided as a flange. The operation and principles remain consistent between the two types. These gearboxes utilize planetary spindles to deliver power and can efficiently handle applications requiring high torque output, reaching up to an impressive 113,000 N.m.

The flange is the output interface in spindle output planetary gearboxes, allowing direct connection to other components or machinery. This flange design offers flexibility in system integration, enabling seamless adaptation to various applications across industries.

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Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox Applications

Wide-ranging applications for Canton Fair planetary gearbox include industrial conveyors, wheel drive motors, and automotive and off-road.


YDforce Canton Fair gearbox is suitable for other applications dues to durability, high ratio potential, and small construction. Planetary gearboxes are used in the industrial setting through:

  • powering forestry applications such as debarking machinery, sawing machinery
  • powering conveyors, steel mills, and mixers for asphalt and cement
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to match Planetary Gearbox to my needs?

Each planetary gearbox from YDForce is used for a specific and special application. The three things important to know about what planetary gearbox you need are the features required, the environment, and space. Torque, backlash, and ratio are the essential features that vary on your purpose.


Your space cannot always be free from dust, moisture, and dirt. It means you need to purchase something that protection matches your environment. It cannot always provide the necessary space, so adjusting the gearbox size is necessary.

2. Aside from ODMs, do you also offer OEMs?

It is allowed to customize your gearboxes according to your demands. With a team of experts at YDForce, we can provide ODM/OEM services that serve as our edge in our industry. Every customer has a different set of circumstances that the gearbox has to match, and we can create the perfect match.

3. What is your effective process for quality control?

Examination, inspection, and monitoring are significant in the manufacturing process of YDForce. These prevent unforeseen mistakes and abnormalities through detection. Later on, these will be addressed through appropriate and efficient solutions that fit the expected quality outcomes.

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The Future with YDforce Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox

The same skills are needed for manufacturing planetary gears as for any other box gear in Canton Fair 2023. YDforce, a well-known gear manufacturer specializing in cutting and grinding gearboxes, creates custom Canton Fair planetary gearbox.


Choose YDforce Canton Fair Planetary Gearbox for your industrial and automation needs, and experience exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Contact us today to learn more about our products and explore how our gearboxes can optimize your applications.

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