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Single Speed Reducers: The Secret to Efficient Power Transmission

Single speed reducers is a relatively simple piece of machinery. A speed limiter is a gearset installed between the motor and the device to reduce the output velocity. Generally, a speed reducer’s primary function is to enhance a power source’s output by dividing the torque it produces.

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Keep reading to learn more about the specifications, reduction process, and applications of speed reducers.

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Table of Contents

Product Introduction

Single speed reducer is the most frequent method of reducing motor speed in industrial applications. The output torque of a motor can be increased by using a speed reducer or gearbox, which raises the amount of work that can be done with the motor.

Generally, the speed reducer’s output shaft is where the power from the motor is delivered after being transmitted through the reducer’s gear train.

To explain the product further, below are the specifications:

1. Quiet Operation – uses slip transmission and is quieter and smoother than hypoid and helical gears.
2. Orthogonal shafts – using orthogonal shafts allows for a more efficient layout.
3. Reduction ratio – has a high reduction ratio (10 to 60).
4. Shaft layout – Has optional input and output shafts available standard in all models or dual shafts
5. Torque – Available from 47 to 56,600 Nm.
6. Models – Has 19 models available from 50 to 500.
7. Series – Offers wide variations, including B, W, and K series.

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What is the Speed Reduction Process?

With the right gear reducer for an electric motor, the speed-reduction process will be much smoother.

The reduction process will be discussed concerning the following points:

speed reducer for electricmotor 2

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio refers to the measurement or dimension of how distinct gear sizes contact in transferring energy. The size of a circle, the major part of gears, is considered the most crucial part of computing gear ratio. And that is because analyzing the circumference of a circle can help you understand how to calculate a gear ratio properly.

Remember that with a ratio of 2:1, the gear’s speed can typically turn twice as fast as a bigger gear. Meaning its output speed has been reduced in half. And to reach this gear ratio, having the only two required gears, namely, the driven and driver gears, is a must. Therefore, the gear ratio does not compute other gears between the two.

In addition, the simplest way to compute the gear ratio is to simply identify the number of drive and driven gear’s teeth.

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Driver Gear

Next, the speed reduction process involves the driver gear. Driving or driver gear is the equipment that mainly provides energy, and most mechanical systems require these gears. Generally, driver gears are wheel-like rotating objects with teeth over their rims. As the gears revolve, a gearwheel can transmit turning motion and force it to the others.

Did you know that gears’ main duty is to transfer energy in a mechanical system? Whether it was gear trains of two or more wheels, it will still work together to transport energy in a rotational motion and force from one portion of a machine to another.

Driven Gear

Compared to driver gears, a driven gear is a gear the force is being directed to, which is why this is often known as the follower. Driven gears typically vary in numerous designs and are considered the biggest among other types of gear reducers available in the market.


And for the last one of this process, you have the torque of the single speed reducers. Torque pertains to the rotational force that a gear reducer receives, which soon converts to a new force and speed while keeping the same power level. Regardless of the types of gear reducers, they are all used in lowering the torque of a motor.

The gears’ size usually identifies how much torque is being divided or multiplied. At the same time, the ratio of gear sizes states whether the torque is decreased or increased. And that is considered the most basic feature of the whole gearbox operation.

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What are the Applications of Single Speed Reducer?

All sorts of commercial and domestic machinery employ single speed reducers to safely and effectively lower the rpm of an electric motor. And to supply the torque a machine requires, single speed reducers adjust the motor’s speed. Speed reducer gearboxes are unique among transmission systems due to their complexity, with numerous speed reducer system designs available to meet the requirements of uses.

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How to Choose a Speed Reducer?

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Motor Torque

A single speed reducer multiplies the torque of your motor, causing the component it is attached to revolve at a different speed. Manufacturers of gear reducers typically provide the range of allowable torque, in Newton meters, for each model. The gear reducer has a role in the torque density variation. Examples of devices with a high torque density include planetary gear reducers.

Operating Hours

Additionally, operational variables like whether or not the equipment will be exposed to severe conditions, thermal, shock, chemical, or vibration, and operating hours must be considered. Gear reducers in a conveyor can be bound to severe temperature, vibration, and shock stresses while functioning for extended periods in a filthy environment.

Shaft Housing Geometry

When selecting a single speed reducer, it’s crucial to consider the spatial relationships between the housing, output, and input shafts. Additionally, geometrical factors can determine the necessary types of gear reducers and the interaction between the motor, the load, and the equipment.

Motor Speed

It would be best to consider the optimal reduction ratio for your application when choosing a speed reducer to slow down a motor. The input rotational speed of your motor is multiplied by the reduction ratio to get the output rotational speed. Generally, turns per minute (RPM) is the standard unit of measurement.

Connection and Mounting

Gearbox size, form, and arrangement are crucial in searching for the best option when the mounting site’s profile and space limits are present. Planetary gear takes up the least room compared to other gear reducers, while spur gears need the most.

A gearbox that doubles as a mounting for the engine could be useful in some situations. However, a standalone chassis attachment is typically required for more substantial uses.

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Our Advantage

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Highest Quality Materials With Competitive Pricing

With the YDFORCE concept,” cooperation, win-win, innovation, and development,” we used only the highest-grade materials in our manufacturing processes and kept our prices competitive.

As a company, we see it as our duty to serve local and international business owners, stimulate economic growth, and make positive contributions to society through our efforts in the marketplace. We are now past ISO 90001. Industries as diverse as metallurgy, chemistry, heavy lifting, mining, petroleum, textiles, medicine, woodworking, and more rely on our goods.

Quality Assurance Process

YDFORCE is well-known for providing high-quality products and services due to our first-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, and hundreds of skilled workers. And this will provide our clients peace of mind, knowing that each product has been through a thorough process and is in the hands of trained professionals.


In addition to quality products, YDFORCE offers great customization processes, ODM, and OEM services. With our Original Design Manufacturing (ODM), you can choose from our existing product designs while considering your preferences. Contrary to that, if you want to use and follow your design preferences, we offer Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services.

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What are the other different speed reducers you have?

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Aside from single-speed reducers, we also offer worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers. With our high-class equipment, technology, and professional staff, we also have a research and development department developing numerous gear reducers.

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What is the importance of speed reducers?

Speed reducers are a must for improving your motor’s full working capacity. Also, single speed reducers serve two general functions. First is that it can decrease the rotational speed of the motor. At the same time, its second use is that it can increase torque output. Speed reducers, like worm gear reducers, can change and even decelerate the overall rotational speed of every motor.

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Do you have ODM/OEM?

In addition to more than 12 years in service consisting of hundreds of professional staff, one of the services YDForce offers that make us distinct from others is ODM/OEM. With this, you can customize your gearboxes freely according to your preferences.

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