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Choose Wisely: The Ultimate Guide to Reducer Selection Methods

Since several reducer selection methods can fulfill one’s needs, choosing one may be difficult. However, an inferior gear reducer may fail prematurely and cause downtime. Therefore, balancing cost, performance, and dependability is important when choosing a gear reducer. Design engineers should understand gear reducer selection.

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Keep reading to learn more about the reducer selection methods, processes, and the different types of gear reducers.

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Table of Contents

Types of Gear Reducers

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Worm Gear Reducer

A worm gear reducer comprises a worm pinion input and a right-angled worm gear output. These gear reducers are used when a larger torque at a lower speed is required from a motor. Worm gear reducer saves room because of its compact size, low profile, and high efficiency in reducing the speed with a tiny footprint.

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Planetary Gear Reducer

The sun gear, smaller planet gears, and the larger ring gear make up and help sustain a planetary gear reducer. The power turns the sun gear in the center of the gear arrangement, which turns the planetary gears, which spin around the inner gear ring. The output shaft is attached to the power source, and the planet gears rotate it.

Longevity, compactness, load capacity, noise level, output torque, and efficiency are just a few benefits of a planetary reducer.

Bevel Gear Reducers

Bevel gear reducers let their operator switch between transverse and longitudinal rotation through an angular bell crank. Incredibly powerful three-phase asynchronous, synchronous, or asynchronous servo motors could be connected to these small, space-efficient inverters.

Moreover, a bevel gear reducer shares high performance and low energy waste properties comparable to helical and hypoid gear reducers.

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Magnetic Gear Reducer

Magnetic gear reducers, unlike conventional gear reducers, function only by magnetic attraction. Instead of gear teeth, they employ opposing magnets that oppose each other to apply force in any direction. Magnetic gears generate motion in the same way as conventional gears do, but they do it without physically contacting.

Unlike conventional gears, magnetic ones can function without oil or enclosures. Permanent magnets or electromagnets are used in their production.

Cycloidal Gear Reducer

An input shaft rotates a bearing assembly, which rotates a cycloidal disc coupled to an output shaft in a cycloidal gear reducer. The cycloidal is fitted with teeth that mesh with the pins or needles of a cam follower. Due to the cam’s revolution, the output shaft is rotated significantly slower and with higher torque than the input shaft.

The removal of backlash is the primary advantage of cycloidal gear reducers, which is especially useful in robotic applications and machine tools where great precision and accuracy are required. In addition, the rolling contact in cycloidal gear reducers reduces wear.

How to Choose a Reducer

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In one of the reducer selection methods, when combined with a motor, a gear reducer can multiply the original torque and provide a new torque suitable for the load. Numerous gear reducers have varied torque densities; thus, manufacturers usually let clients know the maximum and minimum torque their devices can handle in Newton meters (Nm).


The reduction ratio of a gear reducer specifies how much the motor’s speed can be slowed down. That is because the output rotational speed of a motor is measured in revolutions per minute. Resulting from a transformation performed on the input rotational speed by the rotational ratio.

Gear Reducer Selection

A vast selection of gear reducers is created to fulfill the needs of various functions and parameters. Hence, the selection process requires the assistance and guidance of an expert, engineer, or designer knowledgeable of gear reducers. Moreover, the input and output shaft configuration is the primary consideration for a gear reducer.


Gear reducers’ dimensions generally depend on the type of shaft, which might be orthogonal, coaxial, or parallel. Aside from that, you must also understand that each shaft configuration, whether perpendicular, aligned, or parallel, has a different purpose for the gear reducer.

Operational Efficiency

Selecting a balanced gear reducer that works well while considering the cost is very important as one of the reducer selection methods. Cost savings over the life of an application can be realized by selecting the most suited gear reducer for both your motor and style.

Motor Performance

Motors are put through their paces when they experience shock or cyclic loads. So, when choosing a gear reducer, it is crucial to remember these factors to secure that the reducer can manage the boosted torque.

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Selection Process

In reducer selection methods, certain steps must be followed. First and foremost, collect data regarding your application. With this, you should know the hours of operation per day, its motor power (KW) and speed (RPM), and desired output speed.

Moreover, it would be best to determine your mounting style and position, whether overhung or thrust loads and its bore dimensions, whether in inches or metric.

The next step is choosing the frame size. In this, you should find the load classification of your application and the recommended service factor. You might as well determine the selection power and then select a frame size from the reducer selection tables by comparing the selection power and desired output speed to the model number of the frame size.

After that, you must verify the dimensions and select among the options. And lastly, configure a model number.

Our Advantage

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Highest Quality Materials with Competitive Pricing

At YDFORCE, we believe in our concept of “cooperation, win-win, innovation, and development.” With that, ensuring to only use high-quality materials from our trusted suppliers for our products. Still offering them at competitive prices makes us different from others.

Having received the ISO 9001 certification as the seal of approval, our products are used in various industries. And that includes metalworks, chemicals, heavy lifting, mining, oil, textile, medical, and woodwork.

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Professional Staff and Service

With YDFORCE, great products and services are made and offered by great people. Hundreds of talented engineers and staff are gathered here at our company with years of experience and are considered professionals in the manufacturing industry.

In addition, YDFORCE managed to keep our good reputation and relationship among our clients due to the great services offered. Hence, we will continue maintaining our products’ good and stable quality at competitive prices.


YDFORCE produces high-quality goods and provides excellent ODM and OEM customized services. We provide Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services where you can have a product custom-made from one of our existing designs with your specifications. Yet our Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) services are the best if you wish to use and follow your design preferences.

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What is the best reducer to use with your electric motor?

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The gearbox is said to be the best gear reducer for electric motors. And to have the most suitable gearbox additions, first, you should know and understand how gearboxes work. Also, don’t forget to consider certain factors like its efficiency, resistance, speed, and torque output when choosing the right one. That way, your motor will have the best and worth it additions ever.

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What’s the difference between a gear reducer and a gearbox?

For gear reducer vs. gearbox, gear reducers slow down the vehicle. These mechanical add-ons lessen the rotational speed (RPM) mismatch between a motor and its machinery. Machine speeds can be adjusted with the help of a gear reducer, which increases torque and decreases motor speed.

There is a “mechanical advantage” achieved by the device as it amplifies the torque of the motor. Gear reducers boost equipment productivity.

On the other hand, a gearbox is a part that transfers mechanical power from an electric motor to another device. The input speed of the motor is changed to the output speed utilizing gears. Gears serve multiple purposes. Spur, bevel, spiral, helical, and worm gears are all common components of gearboxes.

The input-to-output rotational speed ratio is called the gearbox ratio and measures the gearbox’s efficiency.

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How to determine the reducer's torque?

In determining the reducer’s torque, engineering uses a commonly used formula of T=9550P/N. Wherein torque equals power divided by N, a calculation formula for the relationship between speed. Also, be reminded that the torque through a reducer needs to account for efficiency loss due to gear transmission.

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