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Small Planetary Gearbox: The Basics

In the intricate machinery world, where precision reigns supreme, the small planetary gearbox emerges as a true marvel. Our product, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offers an unparalleled solution to optimize your processes and elevate your output.

With years of expertise in small planetary gearbox, YDdrive stands out as the preferred partner for manufacturers worldwide. Trusted by industry leaders globally, YDdrive small planetary gears has proven its worth in diverse sectors, consistently exceeding expectations.

Planetary gearbox output shaft

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What is a Small Planetary Gearbox?

Small planetary gears are a unique type of gearbox where the input and output shafts are aligned. Their design enables maximum torque transfer in a remarkably compact configuration, a phenomenon called torque density.


The small planetary gearbox embodies engineering ingenuity, encapsulating an assembly of gears that work in harmonious synchrony. Its name originates from the synchronized motion of its distinct gears. A small planetary gear set comprises sun gear, satellite ring gears, and two or more planetary gears.

Typically, the sun gear takes the lead, propelling the planetary gear held within the planet carrier, effectively crafting the output shaft. The satellite gear, in contrast, maintains a fixed position in the external environment. This arrangement bears a striking resemblance to the solar system of our planet, thus bestowing the gearbox with its celestial name.


Industries across the spectrum welcome the small planetary gearbox with open arms. From aerospace’s intricate mechanisms to the seamless shifts in automotive transmissions, its adaptability is a testament to its engineering brilliance. Robotics, too, harness its power as it orchestrates precise movements of graceful robotic arms.


A small planetary gear set is designed to minimize energy loss through an intricate arrangement of gears. This means your machinery operates at peak performance, consuming less power and reducing operational costs.

The small planetary gears boast a remarkable 97% energy input efficiency. This translates into a mere 3% loss per stage, a testament to its precision engineering and optimal design.

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How Does a Small Planetary Gearbox Work?

Imagine the sun at the heart of our solar system, exerting its gravitational pull on the planets orbiting around it. Similarly, the sun gear at the center of the small planetary gearbox sets the stage.

Planet gears revolve, their paths governed by the sun gear’s presence, engaging both the central and encircling ring gear. This symphony of engagement and motion manipulation symphony empowers the gearbox to regulate speed and torque with astonishing precision.

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Types of Small Planetary Gearbox

Discover diversity and precision within our available small planetary gearbox for sale. These gearboxes offer tailored solutions to address your distinct requirements. Explore the three types of small planetary gearboxes, each meticulously crafted to cater to your specific needs:

Shaft Output

When precision is crucial, the shaft output small planetary gearbox steps up. Transmitting energy through a solid output shaft guarantees steadfast performance in tasks demanding pinpoint accuracy.

The central sun gear propels the adjacent planetary components, nestled within a rotating carrier within the confines of a shaft-driven gearbox. Simultaneously, the ring element remains securely stationary, receiving the rotating carrier’s driving force and transmitting it to the shaft.

Integral to the system, the housing module remains affixed directly to the machinery. Remarkably, the scope of a shaft output gearbox exhibits the capacity to deliver an impressive 113,000 N.m of output torque.

Wheel Drive

The wheel drive small planetary gear set is great for lateral movements that demand precision. Transforming rotational motion into linear momentum it’s the driving force behind conveyors, robotics, and any application that thrives on controlled movement.

The sun gear propels the encircling planetary components intricately affixed to a carrier within the wheel-drive planetary gearbox. This orchestrated motion comes to life when the sun gear rotates, prompting the planet gears to orbit the outer ring gear gracefully.

Ingeniously, the system permits wheel integration directly onto the housing. This streamlined connection optimizes the system’s dimensions and facilitates the wheel’s direct coupling to the gearbox. That makes this type capable of handling applications demanding torque of up to a remarkable 332,000 N.m.

Spindle Output

When versatility is needed, the spindle output small planetary gearbox shines. Combining high torque with controlled rotational speeds is the backbone of industries requiring the perfect blend of power and adaptability.

Functioning parallel to shaft output counterparts, spindle output planetary gearboxes adhere to an analogous operational methodology. But the distinction lies in output delivery, wherein a flange assumes the pivotal role. Esteemed for their prowess, spindle-driven planetary gear configurations shine in applications commanding torque levels of up to 113,000 N.m.

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What to Look For In a Small Planetary Gearbox

Selecting the ideal small planetary gearbox is pivotal to optimizing your industrial processes. Carefully considering several factors ensures that you’re making a choice that aligns perfectly with your operational needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to aid your selection process.

Planetary Gearbox Special Designs


Efficiently look for gearboxes with precise ratios, efficient torque transmission, and minimal energy loss. Also, find small planetary gears with highly durable materials and impeccable engineering that guarantee long-lasting performance. You can also explore gearboxes with integrated lubrication systems for hassle-free maintenance.

Environmental Conditions

Understanding the environment in which your small planetary gearbox will operate is essential. Different industries and applications expose gearboxes to conditions such as temperature extremes, humidity, dust, etc. Ensure your chosen gearbox is designed to withstand your machinery’s specific environmental challenges.

Space Allocation

In manufacturing, optimizing space is highly necessary. Carefully assess the space available for integration. The best action is to opt for compact designs that don’t compromise machine performance.

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Advantages of a Small Planetary Gearbox

Opting for a small planetary gearbox for sale means embracing its advantages. Below, you’ll uncover a spectrum of advantages that small planetary gears bring to the table:

Reduces Speed

Basic small planetary gears can deliver speed reductions of up to 10:1. Its ability to control and reduce rotational velocity ensures that your machinery operates within the desired limits, safeguarding functionality and safety.

Less Wear and Tear

Friction is the enemy of machinery, causing components to wear down prematurely. The small planetary gearbox is designed with minimal internal resistance. The input and output shaft bearings are protected from radial loads when numerous evenly spaced planets exist.

This is because the forces generated by the planetary gears cancel each other out. As a result, the outer casing is less likely to deform. And it ensures that friction is kept at bay, extending the lifespan of your machinery.

High Torque

Size doesn’t diminish power in small planetary gearboxes. Despite its compact stature, it’s a heavyweight in the torque department, making it indispensable for tasks that require robust strength. Increasing the number of engaged teeth enables the mechanism to efficiently transmit and endure higher torque levels. And this achieves a more consistent distribution of forces.

Highly Compact

The planetary gear motor’s compact size directly results from its intricate structure. Within this design, numerous gears interlock and encircle a central sun gear, allowing for a minimized form factor. The compact design allows it to fit into tight spaces snugly, optimizing the use of your pieces of machinery space.

Emit Little to No Noise

The presence of multiple gears facilitates enhanced surface engagement. This results in smoother rolling and significantly reduces instances of jarring interruptions.

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Factors When Buying Small Planetary Gearbox

Given the variety of small planetary gears, selecting the ideal one for your project is necessary. When evaluating a small planetary gearbox, consider the following factors:


One of the fundamental considerations in buying a small planetary gearbox is space allocation. Fortunately, the versatility of our small planetary gears allows for a range of sizes. Whether your application demands compactness or a specific fit, you can tailor your choice accordingly.


Opt for a gearbox with the appropriate housing, safeguarding it against dirt, dust, and moisture. A well-chosen housing ensures the inner components remain protected, enhancing the gearbox’s durability and sustained functionality in diverse environmental conditions.

Additional Features

Always remember that your application’s specific demands dictate critical features such as backlash, torque density, and required ratio. Each application has unique requirements, making it imperative to tailor your small planetary gearbox choice to ensure optimal performance.

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What lubricant you must use for a small planetary gearbox?

Opt for a high-quality, low-friction lubricant to ensure smooth gear operation and prolonged gearbox life. Lubrication is pivotal in maintaining gear efficiency and longevity, whether in grease, oil, or synthetic gel.

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How do you determine the right small planetary gearbox you need?

Assess your machinery’s requirements – from torque needs to available space. Consult our experts, armed with the knowledge to guide you toward the ideal small planetary gearbox for your application.

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What speed options can you have?

Our range of planetary gearboxes is available in both 1-speed and 2-speed. Tailoring professional manufacturers’ diverse requirements, we offer single, double, or even triple gear sets. This ensures compatibility with a wide array of applications.

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