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Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers Philippines: A Complete Guide

As an industrial manufacturer, you know that high-quality power transmission components are essential to keep your operations running efficiently. Several reputable planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines, like YD drive, offer products to suit your needs. 


Whether for a conveyor system, mixer, or heavy-duty application, YD drive provides solutions to power your business into the future. Avail of their long-lasting, locally-made gearboxes at reasonable costs. Contact us if you need.

Planetary Gear Manufacturer

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Types of Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers Philippines

The Philippines has several reputable planetary gearbox brands that provide high-quality yet affordable products. Some of the major players are:

R Series Helical Gear Reducer 

These heavy-duty gearboxes are known for their efficiency, low vibration, and ability to handle high radial loads. The R Series Helical Gear Reducer Ph uses hardened steel helical gears for smooth power transmission and a gear ratio of 2.64 to 251.25. They are a durable, long-lasting solution for driving conveyors, mixers, pumps, and more.

F Series Parallel Shaft 

There are many good F series parallel shaft Manila gearboxes from companies like Hansen and Sumitomo that are both durable and affordable that you can buy. 

These gearboxes have a compact design suitable for limited spaces, with a high transmission efficiency of up to 96% for 2-stage models and 94% for 3-stage models. They provide a wide power range from 0.18 kW to 200 kW and can produce a maximum torque of up to 18000 N.m.

K Series Helical Gear 

This durable K Series Helical Gear Bosch Ph is compatible with Bosch power tools like drills, impact drivers, and rotary hammers. It features helical gears for quiet operation and minimal vibration. The all-metal construction provides long-lasting performance even under heavy use. You can avail of this gearbox for an affordable price with YDdrive’s expertise in manufacturing precision gearboxes. 

S Series Helical Gear

The S series offers stable transmission, low noise levels, and high loading support. Its high modular design and compact size make it suitable for various industrial uses that many Filipinos and Manila-based companies can avail. 

YDdrive, a well-known planetary gearbox manufacturer in the Philippines, frequently offers promos and discounts that make their products accessible to more Filipinos. 

Application and Industries

Regarding planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines, several reputable companies offer high-quality, durable products for various industrial uses.

Automotive Sector

The automotive sector in the Philippines relies heavily on planetary gearbox manufacturers to supply vehicle transmission components. Local brands like YDdrive can provide high-quality yet affordable planetary gearboxes suited for the demanding conditions of Ph roads.

With YDdrive’s planetary gearboxes, you can expect a smooth and powerful driving experience that can meet the challenges of Manila traffic. Their gearboxes undergo stringent quality checks to ensure optimum performance and safety for Ph motorists. 

Manufacturing and Robotics

With gearbox producers in Manila and beyond, the Philippines is a hub for mechanical parts. Supporting local businesses by purchasing from domestic manufacturers helps strengthen the economy while providing you with products built to handle the country’s climate.

Renewable Energy

YDdrive has been manufacturing planetary gearboxes in Manila for years. They use advanced technology and high-grade materials to produce gearboxes built to last with minimal maintenance required. Their highly efficient products deliver up to 97% efficiency at full load, which helps maximize energy generation.

Advantages of YDdrive’s Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers Philippines 

Learning planetary gearbox manufacturers in the Philippines are a great choice if you want durable, affordable, customized gearboxes. Their local presence also means prompt after-sales support.

1. Precision Engineering

Precision engineering is key for any mechanical equipment. This is especially true for planetary gearboxes requiring tightly toleranced components to function properly. 

In the Philippines, YDdrive is a leader in precision engineering for planetary gearboxes and other power transmission products. Their dedicated engineers will work with you to determine the optimal solution for your needs.

2. Efficient Power Transmission

Planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines are versatile, with ratios from 3:1 to 300:1. The hardened steel gears and oil bath lubrication allow for quiet, low-maintenance operation. They also offer custom designs to suit specific needs. Their gearboxes are compact, affordable, and built to last, ideal for industrial applications.

3. Compact and Space-Efficient Design

A space-efficient planetary gearbox is the only viable option for many applications, especially if you’re working with tight constraints. Compact gearbox models can help maximize your productivity and optimize your operations when space is at a premium. The top planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines offer sturdy, high-performance products in the smallest packages possible.

Limitations of Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers Philippines

Planetary gearbox brands based in the Philippines may have limitations compared to foreign competitors.

Limited Load Capacity

Planetary gearboxes can only handle relatively light loads due to their compact size. The small gears and bearings inside are not designed to take on heavy, high-torque applications that could cause damage. 

While planetary gearboxes have limited load capacities, their compact size, high gear ratios, and efficiency are ideal for many light to medium-duty power transmission needs in the Philippines. 

Temperature Sensitivity

Planetary gearboxes contain many moving parts like gears, bearings, and seals sensitive to high heat. Lubricants break down faster, metals expand, and seals degrade. This can lead to increased friction, noise, and wear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers Philippines

When choosing planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines, we must consider several important factors. 

Certifications and Standards Compliance

To operate in the Philippines, planetary gearbox manufacturers must be ISO 9001 certified, which specifies requirements for a quality management system. They must also meet ISO 14001 for environmental management. 

Manufacturers should meet standards like DIN, ANSI, and JIS for their products to ensure compatibility with motors and other components. High-quality planetary gearboxes that meet these certifications and standards are likelier to have good performance, durability, and safety.

Quality of Materials and Construction

All planetary gearboxes undergo extensive testing before being released to customers across the Philippines. They are tested for tolerances, efficiency, torque capacity, temperature resistance, and runtime to ensure optimal performance. Only gearboxes that pass all tests with flying colors get the “Quality Product” seal and make it to market. 

Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers: Potential Market Expansion

The Philippines has a robust planetary gearbox manufacturing industry with many trusted companies producing high-quality, durable products at affordable prices. So the next time your business is looking for premium yet affordable gearbox solutions, avail yourself of all the Philippine offers. 

The future is bright for this growing sector, and planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines are helping to drive progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are planetary gearboxes suitable for high-speed applications?

Planetary gearboxes can be designed to handle high-speed applications, but it depends on the specific model and design. Consult with the manufacturer to ensure the gearbox meets your speed requirements.

2. What is the typical lead time for ordering planetary gearboxes?

The lead time for regular standard products is usually 10 to 15 business days, but customized models can take 6 to 16 weeks or longer to produce, depending on the specifications. More complex designs require meticulous engineering and machining, so customers should expect a longer waiting period to receive their orders.

Promos and sales may sometimes be offered to make planetary gearboxes more affordable and available to everyone needing heavy-duty, precision gearing solutions. Planning and ordering in advance ensures you have the right planetary gearbox ready when needed.

3. Do planetary gearbox manufacturers Philippines offer technical support?

Yes, most planetary gearbox manufacturers in the Philippines offer technical support and services. As gearbox suppliers, they aim to provide the best customer experience. Their goal is for their products to function smoothly and have a long service life.

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